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TDS Control System

With day by day rising costs of fuel & in turn utility cost, recovering the waste energy is a basic need of any process industry.

We offer complete customized package solution to recover energy from various waste heat sources in process plants.

In any process plant there are many heat sources available which are going to drain/ETP from which substantial amount of energy can be recovered like:

  • Hot contaminated steam condensate,

  • Vent Steam,

  • Dye liquor from textile process,

  • Process drain hot water,

  • Boiler Blow down water & many more….

Recovering heat from the different sources needs different engineering of the complete system, TDS Control System which involves Selection & designing of:

Media Conditional System 

  • The waste heat media cannot always be put directly to the heat exchanger due to the fear of choking or depositions etc. Hence it needs to be conditioned well before supplying to the Heat Exchanger TDS Control System. The selection & designing of media conditioning system is from point of view of separates the foreign particles & supplying only clean media to heat exchanger. This reduces the maintenance & down time of the system

Customized Package solution
TDS Control System
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