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Steam Based Hot Water Generation System

What is Hot Water System ?

The instantaneous hot water generation system is a compact skid mounted system with a control valve that is designed to heat water instantaneously in Shell & Tube / PHE type heat exchanger using steam as a heating media.

Volfram Instantaneous HOT WATER SYSTEM provides best solution on your water heating purposes. It is a complete system for any application that suits any plant condition. It gives precise and accurate temperature control and is responsiveness under all load conditions. No need for storage or buffer tank in the application.

How does it work?

The heat exchanger is used to heat the water using low pressure steam. A pneumatically actuated steam flow control valve is used to modulate the steam flow to the plate heat exchanger using a PT-100 Temperature Sensor and a PID Controller for precise control.

Volfram Automatic Pumping trap combination used to remove condensate from the Heat Exchanger under all conditions, even under stall condition. Condensate removal is essential, to keep the heating area free from condensate. Thus steam consumption is less due to high heat transfer area and high thermal efficiency in a plate heat exchanger.

This hot water system provides instantaneous temperature controlled hot Water using steam as the heating medium.

Customized Package solution
Hot water system
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