Volfram Self Operated Pressure Reducing Valve
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Self Operated Steam Control  Pressure Reducing Valve

Self operated steam pressure control valve is the most trusted pressure reducing  solution for consistent pressure at user point.

Features of Valves

The Self Operated PRV operates with + 2% which is the best accuracy in its range.

Running Cost:
The valve is purely mechanical & works on the direct feedback from the downstream of the Pressure Reducing Valve. Hence no pneumatic or electric supply is needed.

Easy To Maintain:
Self Operated PRV is very easy to maintain as it has very simple mechanism & it can be repaired without removing from the line.

Higher Turn Down Ratio:
Self Operated PRV has high turn down ratio due to which it responses well to the fluctuating loads.

Volfram Temperature Control System
PID Based Pressure Control Valves

We also offer PID based Pressure control valve for the critical applications where process is very sensitive to steam pressure & has heavy steam loads. This type of valve can maintain pressure within + 0.05 bar.

The system consists of Pneumatic control valve with Electro-pneumatic positioner, pressure transmitter & PID based pressure controller.

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Gate Valve 

Cast Steel Gate Valves are tight sealing, easy operation, isolation valves for liquid and gaseous fluids over a wide range of line pressures and temperatures.


  • Self-adjusting flexible wedge assures tight sealing and minimizes stress concentration under varied service conditions.

  • Stem-wedge thrust closer to wedge centre for accurate wedge movement.

  • Long guide ribs in the body to minimize seat wear.

Gate valves are of rising stem, outside, screw and yoke (OS & Y) and with Bolted Bonnet construction. The rising stem indicates open or close position of the valve. The outside screw ensures easy lubrication and prevents corrosion and erosion by line fluids. On request, valves can be supplied with special features like NACE Requirement, Radiography, Magnetic Particle Test, LGC Test and for Oxygen Service etc.

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Globe Valve

Globe Valves are tight sealing, easy operation, regulation valves for liquid and gaseous fluids over a wide range of line pressures and temperatures.

Globe valves are of outside screw & yoke (OS & Y) and with bolted bonnet construction. The outside screw ensures easy lubrication and prevents corrosion and erosion by line fluids.

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Piston Valve

Cast Steel Piston Valves provide perfect tightness and Installation durable stability on different mediums such as steam, superheated steam, heat transfer fluid, ammonia, L.P.G., acids, alkalise, etc.

Disc Check Valves are designed to be sandwiched between flanges.


  • Compact

  • Light Weight

  • Provide tight shut off

  • Soft Seat option available

  • Extremely low opening pressures.

  • Cab be installed as vertical as well as horizontal in line.

  • Also available with IBR Certification

  • Complete SS 316 Construction

  • Media: Steam, Hot Oil, Soft Water, Chilled Water, Cooling Water, Chemicals, Compressed Air etc.

  • Available Sizes: 15NB to 150NB

Non Return Valve

We offer complete range of non return valves to suit the various application in process industry. The disc check type non return valve are design to fit between the flanges & prevent the reverse flow in the lines.

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Features of Non Return Valve:

  • The disc check valve can be mounted in vertical or horizontal lines between the flanges.

  • Very compact design

  • Completely made from SS 316 / CF 8M material

  • Robust & maintenance free

  • Require extremely low opening pressure

  • Very light weight as compared to flanges end swing check type valves

  • Easy to install

  • Maintenance Free

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Piston Actuated Valve

Piston Actuated Valve is used for on off application for various media like steam, hot water, air etc 


The material of construction is SS 304 provides a long life and PTFE seal provide a leakage  class IV 

Steam Safety Valve
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VOLFRAM offers Steam Safety Valve for Steam & other media application with precise pressure release settings to avoid the mechanical damage to equipment & surroundings, injury to the operators, loss of production etc. because of the higher pressure rise.

In the event of the equipment to which it is supplying steam or any other media needs to be safeguarded from increase in pressure. This necessitates the installation of a Steam Safety valve at each equipment.

End Connection Available : 15NB, 20NB, 25NB Screwed BSP and NPT