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Flow Meter

To have complete control of the utilities in the plant, it is very important to measure & monitor their consumptions.

Steam being the one of the costly utilities in the process plant a proper measuring system must be in place. Unless & until we monitor, we cannot optimize its usage.

We offer Vortex type flow meters for the steam measurement, Electromagnetic flow meters for the flow measurement of water, milk etc.

Steam is energy medium, so measuring steam flow is actually measuring a flow of energy.

In the same way that other energy flows are metered (e.g. gas, oil and electricity), measuring the steam flow to an entire factory allows trends in energy use to be established, making it easier to identify opportunities for cost and carbon savings

Identifying areas where energy could be saved will enable companies to focus their efforts to reduce operating costs by using energy more efficiently.

It helps to determine the direct efficiency of boiler.

Vortex meters function on the Karman Vortex Shedding principle, which involves the generation of vortices in flow of fluids after impact on a bluff body placed in the flow path. The frequency of generation of these vortices is directly and linearly proportional to the velocity of flow


Features of Flow Meter


  • Steam density changes with its pressure. The steam flow meters are provided with the density compensation to measure the steam flow accurately even at the fluctuating steam pressures.

  • Very reliable PT1000 sensors are used to measure the temperature of the steam, from which the pressure & density is derived.

  • Steam meters are constructed in complete SS body which ensures long life.

  • Steam meters work with high turn down.

  • Sensor used in the meter is capacitive type which is robust & highly reliable.

  • It has no moving parts.

  • Little resistance to flow.

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